Own some noobs in 1v1s!

What is Practice?

Practice is the best place to warm-up or train your PvP skills. Engage in FFA, 1v1’s or team fights in a balanced ranked or unranked environment that will test even the best fighters out there.


Practice includes two types of FFA, each with a totally different experience.

  • Potion FFA offers a traditional PvP experience where players use instant-health potions to replenish health.
  • FastFood replaces the instant-health potions with instantly consumable food to replenish players health while keeping the core mechanics the same.

Ranked and Unranked

The ranked queue puts you up against other players of a similar ability based on your ELO. This allows for competitive matches to help you to improve your skills and rank up the tiers. Before you play in the ranked queue you must first play 10 unranked games.

Ranked Gametypes
  • 1v1 - Fight alone against similarly skilled players!
  • 2v2 - Fight with your friends!
  • Iron OCN - Fight in full armour without potions!
  • Combo - 1v1s with no hit delay!

Unranked Gametypes
  • 1v1 - Fight alone against other players without ELO!
  • 2v2 - Fight with your friends without losing ELO!


The duelling system allows you (and your party!) to join a private match against other players - you can find out once and for all who is the best at PvP! To get started, use /duel [username]

Replay Mode

Ever wanted to watch a fight back but you weren't recording? Well now you can, after each game you are given the option to watch a 3rd person replay of your previous fight. A great feature for recording as well as reporting hackers!

Kit Creation

The new kit creation menu which allows you to pick and choose exactly how you want your kit laid out and what items you want included! Just right click the book in your hotbar to get started!

Useful Commands

Most features in Practice are accessed either through the GUI interface in your hotbar or by using the clickable messages that appear chat. However here are a few commands worth remembering:
  • /duel - Challenge other players
  • /party - An overview of all of the party commands
  • /leave - Allows you to leave games as well as exit the FFA


  1. The use of software to automate gameplay is strictly forbidden.


  1. The use of software to automate gameplay is strictly forbidden.