Hardcore Factions

Gathery our friends and battle other factions

How to Play

What is HCF?

HCF is a PvP based factions game type. Players group together into factions, build bases and battle other factions with the goal of becoming the most powerful faction on the server!

We offer a unique and ever improving factions experience - from conquest to conquering the castle you can be sure there will never be a dull moment while playing OpTicCraft Hardcore Factions!

Important Commands

Whilst the basic commands can be learnt through "/f help" or by heading to the Factions wiki, the most unique factions that make our server great are a little harder to grasp. To help make the learning experience easier we have created a forum wiki to guide you through, check it out here!

Useful Commands
  • /f region - an overview of our region commands
  • /koth - Lists the King of the Hill events and their scheduled start times
  • /f stuck - use this to teleport to the nearest warzone when stuck inside unfamiliar territory
  • /cf - Opens the CoinFlip interface
  • /togglechat - Disables public chat

Places of Interest

There are a couple of locations on the map that you might want to be aware of.

The End - End portals will spawn in at specific coordinates at the beginning of each map. The End will be your main source of farming gun powder and ender pearls

Castle - You can capture it by breaking the diamond block in the center after breaching the outer walls and defeating the faction that currently owns it. The faction that owns the castle will be rewarded victory points. Additionally, the owner receives access to private mines that regenerate, along with a small shop for selling ores.

Conquest - This will reoccur every Saturday and will award the faction that captures it 50 Victory Points as well as extremely rare items and loot.

King of the Hill - KOTHs will be your best chance at obtaining rare items and victory points. Do /koths and then /f who [koth name] to find the coordinates.


  1. The use of software to automate gameplay is strictly forbidden.


  1. The use of software to automate gameplay is strictly forbidden.