Gather your friends and wreck some bases

How to Play

What is factions?

Factions is one the most popular and rich PvP game type that Minecraft has to offer. Players group together into factions, build bases and wage wars on other factions all with the aim of becoming the most powerful faction on the server!
We offer a unique and ever improving factions experience - from sieging bases to conquering the castle you can be sure there will never be a dull moment while playing OpTicCraft Factions!

Important Commands

Whilst the basic commands can be learnt through "/f help" or by heading to the Factions wiki, the most unique factions that make our server great are a little harder to grasp. To help make the learning experience easier we have created a video series to guide you through, check it out here!

Useful Commands
  • /f region - an overview of our region commands
  • /koth - Lists the King of the Hill events and their scheduled start times
  • /ah - Opens the Auction House interface
  • /cf - Opens the CoinFlip interface
  • /trade - An overview of the trading commands
  • /togglechat - Disables public chat
  • /tt - View the Time Traveler event schedule!


McMMO brings an RPG-like experience to the world of factions with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth style of PvP. Alongside the traditional mcMMO skills, we offer a new unique McMMO experience with our very own custom skill - Divination!

Custom Enchants

We even have our own custom enchants system created from the ground up. Alongside a host of custom enchants that bring a whole new aspect to PvP you will be able to interact with our Divination Master and Librarian who make earning enchants easier and more enjoyable!

If you're ever unsure of what an enchantment does, you can check out our Enchantment index here, or you can middle click the item in your inventory to receive more information!


  1. The use of software to automate gameplay is strictly forbidden.


  1. The use of software to automate gameplay is strictly forbidden.