What makes OpTicCraft different?

Tightly-Knit Community

The OpTicCraft community spans years and multiple games. Many players knew each other from livestream chats or other games.

Frequent Updates

Weekly updates at OpTicCraft means that things never get old! Anything from new patches to new content every Friday!

Events and Activities

Official events are a major part of what we do, events happen regularly so get involved, have some fun, and meet new players!

Friendly Staff Members

Our staff members are very active on our forums and very responsive in-game. If you need help, just ask!

The Latest Technology

OpTicCraft offers a custom experience like no other. Our plugins and architecture are developed in-house allowing us to perform better and provide amazing features like our online leaderboards!

Fast Support

Our online ticket system allows for you to get help as fast as possible. Check out the FAQ, or submit a ticket to get your problem solved!

Come try out a game mode on play.opticcraft.tv and get to know the community!